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Families often need help with a wide range of estate planning and elder law issues. At the Law Office of Nelson & Howell, P.C. in Mesa, Arizona, we guide you in the right direction. Let us put our extensive knowledge and experience in asset protection to work for you. We are licensed attorneys who specialize in estate planning and estate administration.
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Start With A Consultation

To give you the individualized attention you deserve, we offer confidential, one-on-one consultations. Our law office has years of experience in these matters and can assist and advise you in strategically planning your estate, as well as review with you the alternatives available in order to accomplish your wishes. However, before you can implement your estate plan or will, you must consider and answer some important questions.

Consider & Answer the Following Questions


Personal Representative:

Who do you want to name as your first, second and third choices to be the personal representative of your estate? Your personal representative is responsible for collecting your assets after death, ... Read more


If you have minor children, who do you want to name as your first and second choices to be the conservator(s) of your children? A conservator is responsible for administering and accounting for any property owned by the minor children.

Title to Property:

How should you and your spouse hold title to your assets? Should it be as community property, community property with right of survivorship, joint tenancy or another form?


If you cannot care for yourself, who do you want to make decisions about your healthcare?

Property Management:

If you cannot manage ... Read more

Beneficiary Designations:

Who should receive the proceeds of your life insurance policies and your retirement benefits? Make sure you have properly designated your primary and alternate beneficiaries for all insurance policies and retirement plans.

Living Trust:

Should you create a revocable trust to provide for a spouse or children, federal estate tax savings, asset management or to control property distributions until children are mature and able to manage your property? Property left to family members or ... Read more
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